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Before the construction of the monastery

April 13 (nst) The Church honors the memory of St. Iona, Metropolitan of Moscow. In Pokrovskaya on April 13 (nst) the Church honors the memory of Saint Iona, Metropolitan of Moscow.

Before the construction of the monastery
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General view of Moscow to the construction of the Pokrovsky monastery. Year 1636

the very name of the Pokrovsky monastery by Bozhedomsky causes us to precede its historical description with a brief overview of the Squalid houses, on the place of which it was put in Moscow, and remarks about the feast of the Intercession of the Mother of God, to which it is dedicated, especially since both are in connection with the history of the monastery and Moscow, both in civil and Church terms.

Before the construction of the monastery here, among the groves and gardens, in an empty field, once occupied by suitable camps and a jail for the reflection of the Tatars and Lithuanians, was known, at the beginning of the XVII century, a Miserable house behind the Taganian, or Bolvan gates. Here were brought the corpses raised in the vicinity. In may 1606, the horse-archers and the mob of Cherni followed the dung cart that the nag was carrying; the naked and disfigured corpse of a young man was lying in the cart, who was accompanied by the crowd not with prayers and blessings, but with curses and curses, because the Church itself had anathematized him. This disgraced was taken from the Royal Palace, from the Royal throne to the stinking pit of a Miserable house. At the same time, as there was this train, the same storm raged, which met the entrance of Dimitri the Impostor in the Kremlin. A cart with a corpse is not passed in the gate of the Wretched house, so that the dead man dragged from the cart and threw it into the yamnik. Learns not here Dimitri, whom fate did not rest in the grave disgraced.

Queen Martha denounces false Dmitry. Painted lithography on the sketch of V. Babushkin. The middle of the XIX century, the State historical Museum

As if in justification of ancient superstition, within seven days, as the corpse of false Dmitry lay in a Miserable house, after a storm, there were severe frosts, fatal to gardens and fields; snow fell. There were some awful phenomena, clicks and howls were heard. The body of the Impostor was then transferred by invisible force from one place to another, then two pigeons sat on the corpse and flew when someone came to him, and again flew. The boyars ordered to bury the dead man in the ground; but he found himself in another cemetery.

there Was a great anxiety among the people. “One – says a contemporary event, – revered Otrepiev an extraordinary man, the other a devil, at least, a sorcerer, taught by the infernal arts of Lapland wizards who are told to kill myself and after come alive." the Superstition of the time, all such phenomena were attributed to magic hated Rasstrigin, the minion of the Jesuits. May 28 awarded the corpse to be transported to the village of Kotly near Moscow, where He was burned and his ashes were shot from a cannon in the direction from where he came false Dmitry. Six days later, as scattered had cursed the ashes of Dimitri in Moscow were brought from Uglich relics of St. Martyr Demetrios the Prince, whose rags betrayed himself.

Tsarevich Dimitri Ivanovich. A copy of the "Titulyarnik" of the XVII century

These are the events that marked this tract, where the Holy monastery was built in memory of the Intercession of the Mother of God! The memory of it encourages here to touch the life and the meaning of Squalid houses in the ancient capital.

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