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The healing of a sick man with the faith of his own sister by Holy Blessed Matrona

On the 30-th of September our family (my husband, my sun aged 13, my daughter aged 8 and me) set off for historical places of Pskovskiy region. We spent two days in Pushkingor’e city and visited Svyatogorskiy, Mikhailovskiy, Petrovskiy, Trigorskiy monasteries. In Izborsk we saw an icon of mother Matrona on the territory behind the fortress and prayed. Then it occurred to us that in the boot of the car we kept the bottle with some holy water and decided to give it to the monastery: we were glad to know they honored the memory of our lovely Matrona.

We live not far away from Moscow and have more opportunities to take up some holy water. Having poured the holy water over ourselves from the twenty sources we bowed to the Tvurov cross and left for Pechory.

Next day we visited Pskovo-Pechorskiy monastery. We came up and venerate the relics of Blessed Vassa, Jonah, Cornelius, Simeon and other elders. We took some sand, some water with the permission of the Father and set off for Pskov.

Having visited the Pskov places of interest we decided to go to Minsk for one day.

On 3rd of October my husband had a birthday and he wished to celebrate it with his relatives that day. (His mother, sister, brother-in-low, nephew live in Minsk. His father was buried there).

We were driving on the highway Pskov-Ostrov-Opochky-Sebezh-Polotsk-Lepel-Minsk. It was drizzling and fogy. In the Golovchunsy village of the Rossonskiy region of Belorussia at 18.30 Moscow time our car turned upside down three times in the ravine (which was 25 meters deep as it was later measured by the traffic wardens). The car flew over two concrete electricity posts stood on the wheels and moved again. My husband managed to put the brakes on in 20-30 centimeters before the swamp. Praise the Lord we remained safe and sound!

On the back of the car there was no unbent detail, everything was deformed. The top of the car and the side stand above the seat of a driver bent over and there were only 2 centimeters left to reach my husband’s head. The back mirrors were gone and the windshield smashed into small smithereens and bent over. The door mirrors fell on the ground. The rubber from two wheels partly left the disks. Having got out of the car my husband disconnected the terminals of the accumulator to avoid the tank to explode (it was full).

All contents of the car were out and looked like the mix of something unknown. To our great surprise, we found some sand that we had put in a handkerchief in The Pskovo-Pechorskikh caves and a bottle with some Holy water!

The nearby citizens began to come and offer their help; they found a tractor with a winch. After the traffic wardens had examined the car it turned out it was still working. We called to Minsk and my husband’s nephew set off towards us to help. It began to rain hard and water was coming inside the car from the roof. It was getting late. We did not find the tow truck. My husband decided to change one wheel, to change a tire on the other one and to break out the windshield (because it was impossible to see through the broken one) and to move further. His nephew helped him out as soon as he arrived.

His birthday rolled around, 3 October. Having wished happy birthday to him and wrap him up in all dry clothes and blankets we had and having moved down to another car with our kids we set off again. It began to rain harder and each drop with the 10 ºС and with the speed of 50-60 km/h hit our eyes much stronger. Each 30-40 km we stopped and asked some tea or coffee at fuel stations and from truckers in order to warm up my husband.

Thanks him a lot for helping, responsiveness! The help was the most valuable present that night... We had been praying to Lord Jesus, Deiparous Virgin of Maria, to the mother Matrona, Reverends Pskovo-Pechorskim to Vassa, Jonah, Simeon, Cornelius, Optinsky elders, Pskovo-Pechorsky elders during all our way. We had been driving from one o'clock in the morning till seven in the morning from the scene to Minsk (about 300 km). Once you slightly relaxed, and to pray less, the rain began to pour so that the wipers didn't manage to clear away water from glasses, and the husband went without glasses... We stop, and he signals - go, no stops! We began to pray even more, and the rain reduced its power.

We remained safe and sound with the help of intersection of the Blessed and by God’s mercy. The witnesses of the scene were the inhabitants of the village named Golovchitsy, Rossonskiy region, specifically the head of the depot camp Zarydskiy Vasily Vasilevich, the representative of the Rossonskiy Department of Internal Affairs Nekrasov Sergey Vladimirovich and many other kind-hearted people who supported us during our trip.

Several days has passed, and my soul keeps shouting: "People, appreciate life, love each other, enjoy every day given you by God and pray for rescue and preservation of soul for Providence Divine implementation!".

The Lord is mercy, having kept us, irreverent, maybe, only for one reason: "Believe, the Lord is always with us and everywhere, pray – and you will be heard!". 

Olga, Sergey, Svyatoslav, Yulya

With the presidency of Saint Blessed Matrona

my son was sent to a kindergarten …

Being at home with a lit candle I asked Saint Matrona about protection and the petition in front of the Lord: to pray for that my little son Dimochka was given a referral in district clinic to a logopedic kindergarten – Dima has a delay of speech development. The doctor-logopedist gave a referral thanks to the sacred prayers to mother Matronushka.

Thank God for everything!


…Matrona helped on the road, saved my brother from an accident; 

my parents got married

I knew about the mother only according to stories by others, and I came to the Pokrov Convent for the first time, didn’t even know a prayer. My sister said that it is the Moscow patroness, and she performs miracles if the person comes with belief and a prayer. My sister and I bought a book about life and miracles of the Holy Blessed Matrona, took some water and some oil. Have bowed to her relics and the icon.

Once I went to the Tambov city, to be more precise to the Tambov region, to the village named Staroyuryevo. The family of my cousin lives there. We went together. We went by very old car and it was broken on the road. I took the Mother's icon with some oil, some branches and me. When we stopped to examine the car, being not noticeable for the driver and my brother I took some oil, applied it on a finger, approached a forward part of the car, I touched a finger the engine. I got into the car, and we went again. I had been praying all road to the mother. Suddenly I heard a conversation between the driver and the brother that water doesn't boil, and it was surprising to them. The road was long; the car two times had to be dragged on the trailer. In the beginning, we were dragged by two young men who took us to a certain turn and didn’t even take money. May God grant him happiness in life. Then our car was dragged by the truck. It was getting dark, and if they had not done it we wouldn't have reached the village. Thanks to them and God, we reached the destination safely by twelve o'clock in the morning. Also I’d like to tell that I have been looking into the blue summer sky during all our journey and I saw a big cross from white clouds, it was as a sign for me, I was happy to know we wouldn’t get stuck on the road.

Once, when my daughter-in-law was overanxious, and on the next day, she had so strong headache so as she could not leave the bed. She took a pill, but it did not help. I have crosswisely spread some oil on her a forehead from Matrona and have told her to venerate the icon with Mother. I prayed for her. After a while, she rose her head, got up and felt better.

After all, I want to tell that it is the true that Matronushka works wonders for all those who believe and prays. Save us, My God, and forgive us all our sins.

There was one more case. My younger brother had to go to London for studying for a week. He was late for the plane and in this haste forgot the silvery cross he wore on the neck. However, before we learned about it, I was worried that he goes abroad and had put the cross in his briefcase and a branch of a carnation in a pocket of his suit, which we had been given in the Pokrov Convent. I had put his forgotten cross behind Christ Redeemer's icon. At the same time, we told nothing to mother who usually gets worried and nervous without any reason. We had been praying for all week to Matronushka to Nicholas the Wonderworker and to the all Saints, for my brother. The brother came back home safe and sound, but here is that he told us about that day when he left. It appears, he had an accident that day, but everything was fine. Moreover, he knew nothing that I had put branches of a carnation in a pocket and his suit.

Before he was about to leave I got a dream: an old woman was next to my brother and she hurried him saying, that he was being late, and after they got into the car together. In my dream, I knew that woman was Matrona, but did not understand why I had had such a dream.

After that dream, I decided to put some branches into my brother’s pocket for good luck.

So, it was. Matrona prevented him from death in an accident and returned him back safe.

Praise Blessed Matrona and Our Lord Jesus Christ for that. The Lord is wonderous in his saints!

My parents got married on November 21, 2005 and they had lived unwedded for 27 years. Isn’t it a miracle, which the Lord created for us? My sister had not even believed in. My father is rather low-faithful person and was against a church wedding. Thanks to our prayers to Matronushka for the miracle.

Thank you Blessed mother for your help. Forgive us, guilty, Thank God for everything!

Servant of God Theona


… My passport was miraculously returned back. 

With gratitude To Holy Matrona.

My son had lost his passport before he started the military school. I hoped only for the miracle, prayed to Holy Matrona for the passport to be found. The miracle came true: some people found the passport and gave it to my son. He successfully enrolled to the school.


    …She helped me to get pregnant with a girl, prevented me from getting sick and helped to get married

Dear Blessed mother Matrona!

Many thanks to you for my daughter Annushka. Thanks to you, thanks to your prayers I gave birth to the daughter though doctors had said that I wouldn’t have been able to give a birth because of an ovary cyst. Nevertheless, thanks to you, the pretty mother, a cyst had disappeared and the daughter was born. Thank you for bunches of flowers, for camomiles you presented me in a day of my birth. My husband and I christened our daughter Annushka. She was born on October 12, it is necessary to christen in 40 days, just the fortieth day has got on your birthday, on November 22. Here also left thanks to you: On October 11 – my husband and I got married, on October 12 – the daughter was born, on November 22 – she was christened; all this with an ulterior motive but with your prayers. Childbirth was very easy, quick, thank you for that too.

Thanks to you, the pretty mother Matronushka, for everything! As Annushka grows up, we will surely visit you together.

Thanks, the mother Matronushka, for your prayers to the Lord about us.

Blissful mother Matrona, God's moth about us!

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Amen

 Servant of God Marina

Kremenchug city

 … I have saved a frost-bitten bird from death, miracles!

The winter 2006 the cockerel froze a comb and a beard in a severe frost. It happened in the house of the schema archimandrite Ioann. When the rooster was brought to the house, he was close to death, and then I rose my eyes and saw an icon of the blessed Matrona in front of me and with tears in my eyes began to ask Holy Matrona for the cockerel to stay alive. The miracle came true. I promised to mother Matronushka that if a rooster stays alive, I will bring some eggs to her convent. It was in the winter, but now it is August, the rooster has got sick again, and I remembered that I hadn’t kept a promise. Now I have arrived with some eggs and I ask Blissful elderess Holy Matrona for forgiveness and asked to prevent the rooster from death.

Nun Maria,

Moscow region, Sergiyev Posad

… Matrona helped to avoid an operation, has brought my husband about to faith

Saints, pray the Lord about us.

I had a stomach ulcer in 2000 year, I treated it at a hospital, but the stomach hurt constantly. I checked my stomach again in 2005, and it turned out I had there a big polyp, which needed to be removed. In April 2006 I had a surgery and it was removed.

In May-June a flower was brought to me from mother Matronushka – a carnation. I prayed every morning to the mother and drank holy water with one leaf of the – a carnation. These polyps very often grow again. In August, 2006 I went to the doctor to check if I had one again, and the doctor examined me carefully and found nothing. Thanks to the prayful help of our mother.

Here is the story about one more miracle. My husband believes in God, but in his own way. I failed two times to persuade him to take Holy Communion on the Easter's eve. After several attempts I began to ask the mother for help. The miracle came true again, before Holy Thursday he suggested me taking Holy Communion. So we did. The mother Matronushka, our diligent patroness, I thank you for your prayers, for your intercession. Church of God in Christ.

God's servant Irina,

Tambov region

… The consecrated oil cured of heart attack

I want to tell about miracles, which occurred in a place crowded with prayers. I always carry sacred oil of Saint Matronushka, the icon and florets consecrated on her relics and holy water from her convent.

We had been queueing to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour eight hours to venerate the Athos shrines, and suddenly one woman began to feel bad. She told that she had a sore heart, got pale, turned white and was about to faint. I gave her some oil spread on her a forehead, hands, a breast. She applied some leafs to a forehead and took Saint Matronushka's icon.

In 10 minutes she became happy, smiled and said that she feels well, she had been standing in a queue for an hour and entered the Catherdal. Everybody was happy.

The same miracle occurred in our temple of John the Forerunner in Ivanovskoye on the church service in day of the Nativity of the Theotokos. The old woman began to feel very bad, she began to set on the earth and felt very much was upset that she didn’t have enough forces to wait for a participle. Having spread over hands and over her face with Matrona’s oil, she recovered, got stronger, entered the temple, took Holy Communion and went home spiritually arisen.

What miracle did the Lord send to us! What a prayer for us! Praise the Lord!

 Elena, Moscow

… Prevented from death from carbon monoxide;

about dreams and St. Serge of Radonezh

What happened in my family should certainly be described.

They say that dreams can't be trusted, but this dream was as a danger warning. I dreamt the monk. He was tall. In my dream, he said me: "Look at me, read to "Pater Noster" – nd suddenly I see three coffins covered with a cover.

When I woke up, I felt not good. It was my day off. I decided to go to monastery with my grandson to Serge of Radonezh, my grandson’s name Sergey too. We venerate the relics, gave the notes, took some Holy water and went home. Our nurse waited for us at home, she used to help us because I bring up my grandson with my daughter on our own. This day she came to congratulate Sergey on the termination of academic year.

He finished the second grade. It was already late when she was about to leave, I suggested her staying with us but she refused. I read evening prayers, a prayer to Saint Matrona, Sergey of Radonezh, sprinkled the apartment with holy water. After we went to bed. The teapot was on a plate, I did not switch it off. I woke up in the morning – there was smoke in the apartment, the teapot was burned, but me and my grandson didn’t get intoxicated.

Thank God, that we have not choked with smoke and did not burn down. Isn’t it a miracle? I thank the Lord and Holy Matronushka, she always helps me, godless, and I thank Sergey of Radonezh, and all Saints. 

Servant of God Nataliya
Lobnya city, Moscow region

 …Matrona helped with education and work

We thank Matronushka for her help with the employment of my daughter named Nina. Earlier she had helped her to enroll the university and to graduate from it. 

Natalya, Nina’s mother

…She helped with employment

I visited Matronushka, when she was at the Danilovsky cemetery. I gave a bow to her from all my family. She helped me a lot with my work. I was 19 years old and had neither experience, nor seniority. I had graduated from college. I couldn't find a job. I was ready to go for a low-paid job just for experience and seniority. I went to the cemetery, to Matronushka’s grave, I asked her three times for help, and she helped. The woman, with whom I had done practical training, offered me job. The job was well paid. We finished employment procedure in one day. I have been working at this company for more than 10 years since that day.

Matronushka also helps with other needs of ours, godless. It's hard for me to find the words with which to thank our mother Matrona. Matronushka, forgive us, godless.

Servant of God, Nina

… She helped the infertile women to get pregnant 

Hello, dear sisters!

I got acquainted with Matronushka and your Convent five years ago. This meeting turned all my life upside down. There had been so many vital circumstances ended up with ambulance cases in just several years that I can’t count. Words fail to convey my feelings for Matronushka's for her intercession about us, godless and unworthy before the Lord.

Every year when we are on a holiday, we come to Matronushka to thank her and to ask to help us in difficult situations. I’m going to give very striking example of my acquaintance below. I hope, it will be included in the book about Matronushka's miracles and enhance the trust of the people dreaming of children.

Save you the Lord for your work.

Wonderful help of Matronushka of Moscow.

I was acquainted with a woman, let me her call «N», in the leading gynecologic clinic of Moscow where she underwent a treatment concerning one very serious disease, which, according to gynecology doctors, "stars” with the infertility. She was under very expensive medical treatment, but long-awaited pregnancy did not occur. After some time doctors offered the other modern method, very complex, with use of strong drugs. Again, huge amount of money and time was spent. N. didn't have a job and practically all the time she spent in this clinic. Again no result.

Then doctors offered a final resort, in this case – artificial insemination. Nothing remained to spouses but to agree. According to doctors, it was the last guaranteed chance to have a child. After the carried-out manipulation, pregnancy did occur, but on the second or third month of ultrasonography, it showed the development of a fetus. The woman was sent to urgent termination of pregnancy according to the medical indications.

Her body reacted very hard and the inflammation began. N. spent about a month in a hospital. Only treatment in this clinic with application of the modern technologies in medicine helped to safe reproductive organs and to bring her out of the most serious condition. At the end of the treatment, the professor told her literally the following: "We have done everything possible, the medicine, unfortunately, is powerless to help you. You will never be able to have children. All you need is to seek consolation from God".

Having withstand all the sufferings and put up with hope N. came to the temple and told everything to the priest. He scolded her for having conceived something opposite to God (artificial insemination), for having set all hope not on the Lord, but on doctors. N. cried, and decided never to think of a child. Sometime after all these events, I arrived to Moscow for a holiday, called to N., and enquired about her health. She described me in details the horror treatment and torments she had had to withstand. The most surprising thing that shortly before I called her, I had «accidentally» learned about Matronushka.

I visited Pokrovsky convent. Having acquired the book about the miracles, I was deeply impressed. Therefore I told N. what I had seen in Pokrovskiy convent and about Matrona’s miracles which came true with her pray.

My friend retold our conversation to her spouse who apprehended this information with great faith, besides, told his boss about Matrona. She had some problems too, so they decided to go to the Pokrovsky convent every month they are in Moscow and to ask Matronushka for help. My friend’s husband loves children very much and he wanted to have a son. They have gone only several times, and long-awaited pregnancy came. But the most surprising that she easily independently took out this pregnancy. She did not even have to go to hospital on preservation. And without any complications she gave rise to a healthy son, as the spouse had asked Matronushka for. Any doctor said that it was impossible to give birth to a healthy child with such diagnoses, that she had. Especially if the conclusion was drawn in the best clinic of the country. Unfortunately, she has never come to the Pokrovsky convent, and the child was born on her spouse's prayers to Matronushka.

 Servant of God, Tatiana


…She helped to enroll at the university and got married

Our dear patroness, Matrona!

The God is wondrous in his Saints! Thanks to the prayerful help of Matrona I managed to enroll at the university, although it was rather complicated.

I also asked her to pray for me and help me to meet a nice man whom I would marry. We got married on 22 November 2003. Moreover, he turned out to be from an Orthodox family and all his family members are highly pious. We have been together for almost three years.



…Healed of drug addiction

Holy Blessed Matrona, pray the Lord about us!

I have seen many miracles on prayers of our favorite Holy Blessed Matrona. However, I’d like to share the most surprising case so that people begin to trust in the greatest prayerful strength of our dear Holy Blessed Matrona.

A son of my daughter’s friend was a drug addict and got to hospital from overdose in a highly bad condition. He studied at a military college. His mother didn't know, how to help the son, she saw that he was in a very bad condition. She had suddenly remembered that I visited church quite often, and decided to ask me for help through my daughter. I brought her the book "The Life of Blissful Elderess Matrona" and said: "Tamara, you should read this book and if you find in nice, then we will talk". The matter is that she has never been at a monastery and doesn’t even know whether she was baptized or not.

In two weeks, she had brought the book and left, and in another two weeks she called and asked to go with her to Holy Blessed Matronushka's grave. It was in April 2002. We set off at once. I had explained her what needs to be made on a grave: to lit a candle, to take some sand in a hand and to pray with her own words as long as she didn't know prayers. When we reached the grave, I left her alone. Then we had come to the cist and to Holy Blessed Matronushka's icon in the temple of the Holy Spirit at the Danilovsky cemetery and after silently left home. Approximately in a month she told my daughter her dream: she saw a temple, she entered, there was a high little candle table on the left, on the right there was an icon bench, ahead were the metal doors and an entrance to the temple through a step at the left, i.e. rung of ladder. I came to the daughter the time Tamara was telling a dream. She said: "I have never been in a temple. But when I was near the exit, I saw a group of children on an excursion and Matronushka who called me to come with her".

According to the description of the temple and icons in it I understood that it was Sretensky Monastery. And I have said: "Well, we should go, Matronushka calls you".

We went to Sretensky Monastery in about two days. And how surprise I was when she, having entered the temple, began to scream «I saw it all already, everything …» – and so many times.

She stood long at an icon of the Saint Blessed Matrona, and tears were running on a floor. Then we went to an icon bench, bought something for home and left. On our way out we saw a group of school students from a church school. And here Tamara's mind was on the verge of insanity. She began to shout: "Here they are, here they are". I took her away slowly, but near the exit she shouted again: Here Matronushka called me to follow her".

We were coming home in silence. Her son does not use drugs any more thanks to the prayers to Saint Blessed Matrona. He began to work and started a family.

I thank the Holy Blessed Matrona for the rescue of the servant of God Victor and for all people she helped to. Thank God for everything!

God's servant Tatiana,


…Matrona helped my husband to withstand a serious operation and to obtain a bank loan


I want to tell you about the miracles that occurred through the prayerful help of Holy Blessed mother Matrona.

In December 2004, my father was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He was carefully exanimated by inserting a special device with installed camera that went through the body in the stomach.

Then the doctor said that the tumor is located on the stomach in an uncommon place, in the part where it connects to the esophagus. It was not very good. Most of all, the doctor worried that the tumor from stomach could spread to nearby tissues and the spine. If these fears were confirmed during the operation, maybe it would be pointless to remove the tumor, as far as this could only lead to progressive development. Also, during the operation, metastases could be detected, which means that the operation could only temporarily delay the development of cancer.

As the doctor said most likely, the whole stomach should be removed. The doctor had no doubts that the entire stomach should be removed because of the tumor. We all worried a lot about the surgery.

Even when I was studying in Moscow, my mother told me that the relics of Saint Blessed Matrona located in the Pokrovsky convent and it would be good to go there. But that time I had tossed off my mother’s piece of advice, promised, but never went. Now, before the father's operation, I decided to get to mother Matrona.

It was the beginning of March, it was snowy, the air was cold and damp. Having queued to the icon I venerated the relics of the Holy mother Matrona. I asked her to help with healing of our father.I brought a flower from the Convent, which I had been given at the relics of mother Matrona. The next day we were at my father's hospital and gave him the flower.

A few days later, he had an operation on. After the surgery, the doctor told us the results. Such joy filled us! The fears of the physician about the spread of the tumor to nearby tissues and possible metastases were not confirmed. According to the doctor, she did not expect to see such a picture of the tumor during the surgery. Despite the fact that the tumor was" aggressive", it did not spread to other tissues.

Before the operation the doctor had expected a much worse picture. We are very grateful to the Lord, the most Holy mother of God and our kind prayer mother Matrona! I came to the convent with my mother to thank Matrona. I had very strong cough when I first visited Pokrovsky convent and venerated the relics of mother Matrona. Previous years, if I had had a cough in winter, it would usually continue until warm weather had come, usually by May. That winter I had caught a cold again, and when I arrived to Holy mother, it was the beginning of March and all the streets were in snow.

At that time I had asked mainly about my father. I don't remember asking for a cough healing. But the next morning a miracle happened. Usually a few minutes after waking up I began to cough. But this time I didn’t cough. During wintertime which usually associated with a period of different illnesses I didn’t pay attention on my cough (the doctors said it was chronic tracheitis – a thing unpleasant, but not dangerous), and my wife noticed that in the evening of that day. She said that I never coughed in a day and it was very surprising, because for the entire day I "should have been" to. There were no seizures the next day. So far (it has been over nine months), I have never coughed like before.

If I felt that the disease was about to develop and coughing could start again, I prayed to mother Matronushka – and the cough did not develop. I really believe that I was healed that day, when venerated the relics of Holy mother.

Case that is even more surprising happened to my wife. She's coughs, probably more than I do. She has been coughing up for almost a year. In winter the coughing spell is much stronger. If the disease is in full swing, it is very difficult to take subway because during the whole trip she would cough without a stop.

Having seen what happened to me, she also wanted to go to mother Matrona. At a certain day we went to the convent early in the morning. Have venerated the relics of Holy mother. We bought some oil for the living icon lamp. Back home my wife spread some oil on the chest. Her cough was gone! We were excited! After a while we were back in the Covent and thanked mother Matrona.

Perhaps after this incident my wife who had used to be far from the faith, changed her attitude. Not so long ago we were granted the sacrament of the Holy Mysteries of Christ. I strongly believe that through the prayers of mother Matrona my wife will be strengthened in faith and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Another case of mother Matrona's immediate «ambulance» help occurred to my own brother.

Once we worked in the garden, doing something for a tree. Then my brother got in his eye a piece of something. Most likely, it was a small piece of chips. His eye began to water and it became impossible to continue working although there were a lot of work left. As my brother tried to take the piece out from the eye, but nothing helped. He used a handkerchief, put his eye under the cold water, asked me to help, but all this was useless. His eye was getting more and more blush, the eyelids were getting swollen.

Earlier my brother and I had asked ophthalmologist to remove the chip from an eye. Who is familiar with that knows that this thing is not pleasant, and troublesome. About a month after a removal one should use different medication for eyes to avoid inflammation. And I decided to ask for the help from mother Matrona. As soon as I prayed for her help, my brother tried to remove the shavings again. And he managed at once. After a few minutes, we were working together again.

My grandmother also repeatedly appealed to the help of our kind prayer. Once she lost the axe which had been borrowed from our acquaintances. My Grandmother worried a lot that she wouldn’t find it. She prayed to mother Matrona, and the help came very quickly. The next day the axe was found, although the day before literally all of us had been looking for it but couldn’t have found.

My mother asked Holy Matrona for help too. Matronushka also helped her. And recently we has been convinced once again of the great assistance provided to us by the Mother in some financial questions.

My wife and I wanted to get a mortgage. Our application had been turned down in one Bank and we applied to another one. While our documents were considered, the prices got increased, but if we would have been approved for mortgage we could have got an apartment with previous rate, because the price was fixed during a month at the time of a contract was signed during which we wanted to get mortgage. Time passed by but there was no answer. On the day when the first Bank had turned down our application, my wife and I went to the Pokrovsky convent to ask mother Matrona to pray the Lord for help in our problem. Finally we were approved the mortgage on the last day of the month established by the contract.

The Building developer we bought the apartment from, said we were very lucky, because the Bank had demanded from him to fulfill many formalities for the mortgage and noted next time the developer's management will not likely to agree with such a conditions.

The bank understood our situation and had lent a mortgage before all the relevant documents were signed, so as prevented us from missing the deadline. We were lent mortgage on the 2nd of May- the day of canonization of Blessed Elderess.

We are very grateful to our patroness Holy Blessed Matrona!!!

Besides the stories mentioned here mother Matrona has helped us many times. Unfortunately, due to my negligence, I did not register all the cases of her kind help. God forgive me! Holy Blessed Matrona, thank you for your help, intercession and prayers to the Lord! God is wonderful in his saints!

 Servant of God Vladislav

 The stories and letters have not been reviewed.The signature style has been preserved in the publication. 

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The life of the Blessed Matrona

BLESSED Matrona (Matrona Dimitrievna Nikonova) was born in 1881 in the village of Sebino, Epifan Uyezd (today Kimovsk District), Tula Governorate. The village is around twenty kilometers away from the well-known Kulikovo Field. Her parents – peasants Dimitry and Natalia – were pious and hard-working people living in poverty. There were four children in the family: two brothers – Ivan and Mikhail, and two sisters – Maria and Matrona. Matrona was the youngest. She was born when her parents were no longer young. 

The Moscow period of live of Blessed Matrona

In 1925 Matrona moved to Moscow where she lived for the rest of her life. The huge capital had plenty of miserable and lost people who had fallen away from faith, as well as spiritually sick people with poisoned conscience. Living in Moscow for about thirty years, she performed the ministry, which prevented many people from death, and brought them to salvation.

The repose of Holy Blessed Matrona

They say that the Lord revealed to her the time of her death three days before, and she made all necessary arrangements.

The litany at the grave of Blessed Elderess Matrona

The litany at the grave of Blessed Elderess Matrona

The Invention of the relics of Blessed Elderess Matrona

On the night of March 8, 1998, on the week of the Feast of Orthodoxy, with the blessing of Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus Alexy II, the true relics of the 20th century piety hero Blessed Elderess Matrona were translated at Danilovskoye cemetery in Moscow.

The translation of the relics of Blessed Elderess Matrona

On April 30, with the blessing of Patriarch Alexy II, to solemn chanting of Easter troparion “Christ is risen from the dead...”, the Holy relics of Blessed Matrona were translated to the church of Holy Father of Seven Ecumenical Councils.

The canonization of Holy Religious Blessed Matrona of Moscow

The solemn canonization of Elderess Matrona was performed on  may 2, 1999 by the service of the Holy Patriarch of Moscow Alexy II. 










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