Matrona Of Moscow


The meeting of Holy Blessed Matrona with Holy Godly Blessed John of Kronstadt

I had known about Matrona in 1999. It is a pity that I had got to know about her pretty late probably I would not have lost my favorite job. I got sacked in a retrenchment. I used to visit Pokrovskiy Convent periodically to venerate the holy relics, I felt an extraordinary confidence that her help would occur for sure, and it felt joyful and calm.

The first miracle happened in the summer of 2002. My father is a disabled person since the Great Patriotic war; he used to be treated in the hospital for veterans every year. Suddenly he had got mentally ill and was registered in a neuropsychiatric clinic. Such patients are no longer treated in the hospital but he needed a good treatment (not in a psychiatric hospital, because the conditions there were unacceptable, not taking into an account the other diseases). I came to the head of the district clinic and ask for a referral to the hospital. She said that it was useless, because before you go there, you need to be examined by all their doctors (as a medical examination), and only after that they take the patient for a treatment.

After the appointment with a psychiatrist, as they say, the hospital will not likely to accept a mentally ill person. That’s how it happened. The head of the direction had given the referral, we had passed all the doctors, and there was only a psychiatrist left. We entered his office, and as soon as he saw in the discharge from the clinic that the father was mentally ill, he said categorically: "You're insane, he cannot be treated together with ordinary patients. What if he would wound the patients and other people, who will be responsible in this case?" I started to cry, proving that my father is a calm person (not frantic), only sometimes he says weird things and has memory loss from time to time.  The psychiatrist did not even want to listen and kicked us out. I was sitting in the corridor with my sick father, crying, picked up the Matronushka icon, that was always with me, and I ask her: "Dear, dear Matrona, please  help - my father needs to be treated well and by good specialists, otherwise we will lose him, because he had a weak heart, diabetes and a lot of other diseases." Suddenly one man was passing us by (he turned out to be the main doctor) and asked why I was so upset. I told him everything. He said, "Wait!" and went to the psychiatrist. He had spent there about ten minutes, went out and said, "Okay, we can provide your father with medical treatment, but under your responsibility only, until the first case, although it is a violation of our policy. I don't know why I'm helping you." They had put my father in the hospital and he completed the entire treatment course during which he behaved well. Here it is – the help of Matrona!

The second case occurred recently, if this can be called "case." There are four of us living together in a small apartment: husband, two sons and I. We have been waiting to be given a new place for living in the area for twenty-two years (since 1983). My son should have been given a one-room apartment, and we would have stayed in the old one. When our turn to get the apartment had come, we were offered an apartment in the suburb. We liked it and gave our consent but suddenly the inspector called us and said that the apartment had been given to another person.

I am not a scandalous person; and I thought that, probably it just wasn't meant to be and I had got a lot ahead of me. We were waiting patiently for the next option. We lived in these conditions of unbelievable overcrowding that my sons couldn’t even invite their friends for a birthday: they were ashamed that the beds stood side by side. We were offered the second, third, fourth options (all apartments were in old buildings) – we were ready to agree on a five-storied building on the first floor, on anything! And again the same thing, in the end a disabled person was given that apartment or someone else who was in more need, than us, although I doubt it very much, because somewhere in the line someone would  say:" We had been queueing  for 10-15 years and finally got an apartment " – not beneficiaries, ordinary people. Everyone told me: "What are you waiting for, you should take measures, complain to some local authorities, please", but I kept hoping for a miracle. We had been offered a fifth option: dream had came true: next to our current apartment, a high floor, the house was not old. All of us had given their consent with a great happiness, it had been approved by the Commission and the Prefecture but again the apartment was taken away - given to another.

After that, something terrible had happened: my husband got deaf. The doctor said he had experienced nervous shock due to the situation with the last apartment. I fall down too; my parents are old and were worrying too much, crying. To make the long story short I put up with a thought that nothing would change with housing but we should rescue my husband. He was in the hospital, and the doctor said that the chances to restore hearing were not big but they would do their best but warned they were not gods, if there was an improvement it would happen not earlier than in six months. I was in fear and panic and went to the Matrona, "Help, dear Matrona, to restore hearing to our only breadwinner. "I am unemployed, children study". I left the Convent and went to the hospital with fear. I entered the room, my husband sat on a bed and smiled:"you know, I think that the hearing is coming back, at least, there is less noise in the ears."

The next day the doctor met me in the hallway and said: «It’s just a miracle! Today we have examined your husband with a special device, and it showed that his hearing is restored!" My joy knew no bounds. A week later, my husband left the hospital with almost restored hearing. It was the second miracle!

The third miracle happened a week later. We were offered to be shown another apartment there a mother and a daughter with a disability lived; the daughter was registered in a mental hospital (like my father was). The women were also waiting for housing, they were being given an apartment somewhere far away, but very good (the daughter was eligible to get an additional area due to her illness). I liked their apartment, although it was old and outside of the city, but 15 minutes away from us, so as I can take care of my son. It goes without saying that I took this deal. I came to my parents that day, they live next to us in a Studio apartment, I told my mother about the last option, and suddenly she exclaimed:

"Then my father and I also have the right to queue, because he was registered with such a disease in a neuropsychiatric clinic too. And I think that the mother and daughter will not go anywhere, because they have no one who would help to move houses, and they had no money (mother – retired, daughter – disabled)." I even fell out with my mother, telling her: "what do you prophesy!" Suddenly the Commission approved our offer and the Prefecture as well. Hurray! I had a day to go for a housing warrant. My family was happy. But suddenly the woman called us and said: "We have to refuse you and will stay here, because we will not manage it all – moving house, starting a new life in a new environment". I was back to Matrona, "Help, dear!" I went to the inspector after I had visited Matrona. She give me a piece of advice to put the names of my parents in the queuing list in order to be given an additional area for my father, and a one-bedroom apartment for my son.

I came to my mother and told her, and she says that it was not worth anything to start, because they were old and might not wait until their turn came. Nevertheless, I had collected all the necessary documents and had registered them in the queue. A week after I heard on the radio that Luzhkov had decided to provide all war Veterans of the Victory day with housing. What do you think? A week after, the inspector called and offered to my parents a great apartment in a new building in our district, and my son –his apartment. Now all of us have registered at new addresses and we feel very happy. Isn't that wonderful! Ah Matrona, how well it worked out with your help! Probably, she did it on purpose so that all the other options «filtered» and only the best were left.

Thank you, dear helper and intercessor for our souls!

Yours Sincerely, Marina,


P.S. Sorry for the long message, I wanted to tell about everything in details. And something most important slipped off my memory: an inspection order for the last apartment I received on 22 November (the day of Matrona’s bitrh).

With the help of Matrona I could give a birth to a child

I was in the Convent at the relics of Holy Matrona in May 2002. Asked her for help to give a birth to a child (I had three miscarriages), and after I had visited Matronushka on December 16, 2003 I gave birth to a healthy daughter Nadya. Now she is 2.5 years old.


Saratov region.,

G. Balakovo

…Matrona prevented my son from alcoholic addiction and from getting lost, brought him back to a normal life

The merciful Lord has helped and is helping me and my entire family through his great God's Holy blessed mother Matronushka – through her hot, holy tearful prayers the Lord helps, very, very sinful people.

She stopped my son from alcoholic addiction and from becoming a lost person, saved him from madness, and she continues to help him to get better and leads him. Things gradually has got better with his work. His health has improved, he had several concussions with loss of consciousness, and I was worried a lot about him. Holy Matronushka helped us to find some good doctors, and all this was not easy, because we are very much sinful, but we believe in her very much and love her very much; I visit her rarely and could not thank her in time. The Lord helps us in many ways, heals such sinful people, through Matrona’s tearful, hot Holy prayers to God Mother and to the Lord.

Glory to You, Our God, praise the Lord!

Glory to You, Our Lord!

Thank you, Holy Virgin, and save us!

Thank you, Holy blessed Matronushka. For your prayers, for help, for healing, for everything, for everything – we thank you, Holy mother!!!


Matrona helped me at work, with health, during an accident

I have been dreaming to venerate the relics of Holy Matrona for a long time. But I haven’t had such an opportunity as if someone hasn’t allow me to do so.

A few days before Easter in 2004, it seemed that someone called me to go and worship the Holy relics.

At that time I had problems with my health and in life. Approaching the relics of Holy Matrona for worship, I prayed for a petition for me before the Lord, for his God's mercy to me, for God's grace.

The following summer my health did improve, and then I was offered a feasible job for me – which allowed me to improve my financial situation.

The following fall I ensured of the protection and patronage of the righteous Matrona. At that time I had bought two sets of Saint Matrona’s icon in a shop. The one was given to my nephew, and he put it in the car. Later on in the autumn there was an accident. The car got crashed badly (it had been brought through oxygen buried cylinders in the fence), but no one was injured in the cabin. It was just a miracle! But it could be much worse.

Currently the icon and the cross of Holy Matron are in a prominent place in the car!

N. N., 57,

Ramensky district,Moscow region

…Healing a child from meningitis

Holy Blessed Mother save our child!

It happened three years ago.

At that time our little granddaughter just turned one year old. It was summer and we lived in the country. Our child played in the garden all day. By the evening the girl suddenly began to cry and then just started to shout without a reason. My soul was torn by this cry; our child used always to be good-humored, cheerful and rarely sick, and suddenly we started to notice that she felt worse and worse, her temperature was 40°C! Father came over one day and encouraged us: «do not worry, pray, everything will be all right because she has taken communion today but you should see a doctor." He prayed and put the gospel to the head of the child. The girl calmed down, but she uttered that intolerable shout again later in the night. We took her to the hospital, the daughter went to bed with her granddaughter, she was diagnosed with "infectious meningitis", but where did it come from? All of us went around in our family; we did not go anywhere far away. How? The doctors started to examine us but found nothing. My husband and I got into the car. I reassured my daughter that we were going to Holy Matronushka.

I prayed and cried all the way. I remembered when my daughter, being pregnant, had come to Matronushka: "Mom, I kissed the icon and felt warm in my stomach." It stroke me: a good sign. Tear-stained, I came up to the relics of Matronushka, from the bottom of my heart I asked her to help my granddaughter. I felt, that Matronushka heard me!

When we returned to the hospital, the anxious doctor walked quickly towards us: "the diagnosis was confirmed. I am Orthodox myself, and nothing is left to do but to pray. She may have some fainting after the drip. I have to warn you that the child may feel worse and worse." We burst into tears together with my daughter: "I can’t believe Matronushka did not hear?!" I ran to the window and- Oh a miracle! My granddaughter stood naked, stomping, laughing and calling: "Guli-Guli!" The daughter smiled: "Mom, don't cry, we're fine". Dear Matronushka has heard us, has heard! Praise the Lord! The granddaughter laid two more days without any fainting, and was cheerful all the time. The diagnosis was not confirmed for the second time, while being released from the hospital the doctor wrote the first diagnosis in her medic file. It can be understood, because the diagnosis "a miracle" she could not register.

We should certainly thank Matrona and to tell everyone about her help!


… With the help of the prayers I gave up smoking and got healed

I wanted to give up smoking, but it didn’t worked out, wanted to get married but, my man refused. I had asked to Matrona for help, had prayed after midnight, and when I went to bed, I saw Matrona, like on the icon, she just looked at me and smiled. I woke up, my heart was beating, I could not sleep anymore, I thought only about Matronushka. A few days later, I went to the Matronushka, ordered a prayer and venerated the relics ... Then the ground went under my feet, and the tears were choking, my heart was pounding – I felt that she was near, alive. The time passed after that, but there were more and more temptations.

I began to smoke more often and had quarrels with my husband without a stop. I asked Matronushka for help again, began to talk to her as if she were alive, asked her to tell me what to do. On the same night, waking up in the morning, I dozed off again and heard a voice: "Pray to Michael the Archangel and Gabriel." From that day on I began to read acathistos to Archangel Michael and Gabriel for forty days. I do not cease to read a prayer even now, every day after twelve nights.

I went back to Matronushka after that. Ordered a thanksgiving prayer and venerated the relics. The feelings were the same. I came home, and my husband said :"well, let’s go and  get married on your birthday". My birthday is on 30th of January. And so it did turned out that on December 15, 2004 I gave up smoking and still I can't believe how I could have been smoking this poison for so many years, and on January 30 we got married.

Since that, I took no more interest in all the worldly things. I began to buy spiritual literature, cassettes, music, read constantly, cry and enjoy, and I also love prayers, churches and monasteries. Holy Matrona is always here, such a prayer she is about us. I have always considered myself to be the most sinful and unworthy, but has been awarded such a God's grace. Today I’m going to Matronushka again - to thank her, I know, she is waiting.

Servant of God Lyudmila

…Matrona healed from vegetative-vascular dystonia and heart failure

I thank God and Saint Matrona for help! On March 13th I came to the temple to ask for my recovery. I have been suffering from vegetative-vascular dystonia for many years, and for the last six months almost every day I have had severe heart failure (more often at night) and  in the morning I should go to work. I live in Moscow and rent an apartment, my son studies at a college, my husband does nothing to help me and my salary is our only source of income. I know that to tell someone about health problems - only to make things worse and I had to bear the illness on feet. It was hard. The medicine didn't help. Immediately after my arrival to mother Matronushka my troubles disappeared. I felt well, my heart was as in my youth  – do not trouble! Today is three weeks since this miracle happened! I thank the Lord our God and the Holy mother Matronushka for the invaluable help!

Marina, Moscow

exorcised demons and brought me to the faith

I have known about mother Matronushka for a long time, back in 1995, while traveling to Moscow, the first time I visited her grave at the Danilovsky cemetery and felt her live presence. As the time passed, everything was forgotten somehow, and after almost ten years due to family problems that brought sorrow and tears to my life, I remembered my mother Matronushka and began to remember her in my prayers.

The Lord commanded so that I came to Moscow on business for a few days. I live in Khanty-Mansiysk and come to Moscow rarely, just passing through. I immediately decided to come to Holy mother and ask her for help in my problems that burden me and made me read Psalter by a kathisma a day for a half of a year in order to solve them. I found the Pokrovskiy convent very quickly, bought white carnations and took my place in a queue to worship the relics of Holy Mother. I was standing and praying, asking Holy Mother to solve my family problems, as the son-in-law sometimes does not know the limits in alcohol and my daughter wants to divorce him because of this, although he is very sympathetic and never refused to help. But my daughter refuses to go to the temple, has not confessed and has not taken communion for a long time. It cause a great pain in my being, because she was married and brought up a daughter.

As my turn was approaching, the priest came out of the Convent and invited the women who had had abortions to the prayer. As I had this sin too I decided to join them. I listened to the church service with tears and then venerated the relics of Holy mother. I was given a carnation at the exit of the Convent. I decided to venerate the icon, bought a book with the acathistos to mother Matrona and was standing in the line and reading. My turn came, I venerated the icon and then it stroke me: it was my own fault that my daughter doesn’t go to the temple because I used to show her to some fortune tellers when she was an infant that’s why the dark powers don’t release her.

Later on, being in a hotel in the evening, a day after visiting the Convent, I wondered what should I read first  – the Psalter Or the Canon of repentance (the priest in the Convent had given such an obedience –to read it  to those who had  had abortions). I wondered:" it is necessary to read acathistos". I wondered: "What is the acathistos?"It slipped my mind that I bought the acathistos to mother Matrona. I read the acathistos, a prayer, and something made me take a flower from Holy Mother. Suddenly my hand began to drive around the contour of my body with a flower, as if pressed by someone's heavy hand, starting with the forehead. Having finished one round – again- up to the face and suddenly pushed a flower into my mouth. I ate it, then I do not remember the details, whether I took a book with an akathist or not. But that started to happen, I was just reading and secretly was sure that it couldn’t happen to me, because I confess and take Holy Communion.

I got all blushy barked and twisted, and I had no idea that my back could do that ( I was 52 years old) ... that was beyond the description that kind of sounds my womb was making and I realized that some devils were leaving my body.

Couldn't take it no more and kept asking Holy Mother: "When will it be over?" The next day was the feast of the Annunciation. In the morning I read the acathistsos of Holy Virgin and mother Matronushka, and it repeated all again, only instead of the flower my hand firmly pressed and very slowly drove a book with an acathistos through the body, in some places the book could not be moved from the place: I was like glued. This continued throughout the week and until my arrival back home. The Demons swore, praised the Lord and looking at the saints of God, whose icons stood in my Holy corner, said: «How many of you here, we are not able to fight with you."

This is how I got help from Holy Mother; she released me from such a dark force, the existence of which in my soul I could not even guess. I realized that our family problems are our own fault. All the TV-programs that I had watched with the participation of Kashpirovsky, Chumak (I even studied at the Juna’s courses), and my interest in astrology were not forgotten: it was a wide-open gate that these demons had entered. Lord! Forgive me, a sinner! Everything is still very fresh in my memory, and probably a bit chaotic, but I promised to Holy Mother that I would describe everything that had happened to me. Praise the Lord! Thank you, Holy Blessed Mother Matronushka! Great is the mercy of God! The Lord is wondrous in his saints!

Sinful Servant of God, Tatiana

... Helped at work and helped to get rid of the warts on my hand

I want to tell you how Holy Mother Matronushka helped me. I had a very difficult situation at work. I went to the Danilovsky cemetery and asked Holy Mother to help me. And after a while everything got normalized  thanks to mother Matrona.

I also had a wart on my arm. I had anointed it with some oil from Matrona – and it gone. Matronushka always helps me, and I thank her for her help.

The Servant Of God Nina

Led to faith, helped in family relationships, healed the tumor on the mother's breast

I first learned about Blessed mother Matronushka in around 1992 in Turkey. I am from Moldova, but I was working there. At that time I went out with a guy named Sergey, my current husband. His aunt, who also worked in Turkey, had given him a book to read about  Blessed mother Matrona, so this book came to me. After reading this book, I promised myself and mother Matronushka that if I ever get to Russia, and even more so get in Moscow-will go to Mother Matrona for sure and certainly find her.

And so many years later, on February 24, 2005, I decided to tell what a big role in my life played a sweet mother Matronushka. Then, in 1999, I did not expect that I would live in Russia, and even more so in Moscow. I married the same Sergey, through whom the book about Matrona got into my hands. Dear mother, I am sure now that you had helped me even in my marriage and that through your prayers I am living this way. We live in Moscow, and we have three children. We are still renting an apartment, but I know that thanks to our prayers to God and Mother Matrona we will be healthy and will work to buy our own housing. And then we'll always be with mother Matronushka.

Now I am going to tell you how I visited the Pokrovsky Stavropigialny women's Convent for the first time.

In 2003 my husband, daughter Maria  and mother went finally to Mother Matrona. It was already an evening, but the Convent was overcrowded, we queued to the icon, which is located on the street, in the Convent, bowed and lean on the icon of dear Matronushka. Then we went up to the temple, wrote notes about health, lit candles and stood at the service for a while. We couldn’t get to the relics of Mother: there were a lot of people. The second time I visited the convent in 2005, then I venerated the relics of  Holy Mother. And now I want to tell you about the miracles that began to happen to me with the help of mother Matrona. In 2003 I got pregnant with my son Vitya. One night when I was going to the toilet (at that time I was in the second month of pregnancy) I saw some blood. I was so scared that I decided that I would lose the child, I do not know how, but I immediately remembered about Mother Matronushka, found her icon and read a prayer with tears in my eyes asking for help. I do not know how, but woke up in the morning with an icon in my hands and immediately called the doctor to make an appointment. Without telling my husband, I took a taxi and went to the hospital. I was immediately sent to the doctor for ultrasound there. And imagine my surprise when the doctor said that the baby and I were absolutely all right! Now I know my son was rescured by Mother Matronushka. I often say to many people that she is my son’s godmother. I also want to tell you about the miracles that happen to me.My eldest son Sergey from my first marriage still had surname of my first husband. He would often asked us a question: when will I be like you-GARCH (our current surname)? And thanks to mother Matronushka, thanks to her prayers for us, sinners, to the Lord, I had this document made. I had the child's birth certificate reissued with another surname, and now all our children are with surname Garchu. I had a lot of problems and obstacles with this, but before going to Moldova, because it was there that I had to do it, my husband and I went to the Convent to Holy Mother, and I asked for a blessing for the road and received it. Now I know: all the doors were open to me, and I met only kind and knowing people who helped me everywhere. After this trip by train, I immediately arrived to the Convent to thank mother Matrona, but I never thought I would be able to venerate her relics. It was very crowded  and the queue was very long, but one woman in the queue gave me two candles and showed me the queue to the relics, the icon, and said she was a compatriot of the mother Matron. Now I know that mother sent her to me, it's a miracle! Thank you, Lord, and sweet mother Matronushka! Forgive me for all my sins and doubts. Now I know for sure that God is in the world and helps all of us.My mother asked me to write about what had happened to her thanks to prayers to God and Mother Matronushka. Our father left us and had been living with another woman for many years, but my mother prayed and waited. And now, seven years later, he came back, now we're all together, and we're happy. We all know a mother Matrona helped us. My mother also had a tumor on her breast, she was very afraid to be operated on, because she had already had one operation. And thanks to prayers to the Lord and Mother Matronushka the tumor disappeared.

Praise the Lord and Holy Mother Matrona.

Servant of God Nataliya (Moldova)


…Helped to get rid of the headache and to find a job for three days

I only heard about Blessed Matrona when it happened: about the miracles in her life and after his death, people arrive to her grave, and then in the temple. I would probably never went to her, if it wasn't for one case. My mother had a terrible headache, it was a torture for her she took several pills a day to kill the pain, but it did not help... we did not know what to do. I was standing on the street when an ordinary old woman came up to me and spoke of Blessed Matrona that she helps everyone who comes to her, especially if someone has a headache or problems with eyes. Then I was surprised: my mother does not know what to do, and here was her salvation. That lady also said that in the temple of Svyato-Pokrovsky Convent you are given flowers, you can and brew it and drink, and it can be put under the pillow. I came home and told my mom. Soon she went to the Matronushka, and-a miracle: there was no pain any more. Now in any case we come to the Blessed Matrona for help.

I haven't graduated from university yet. I switched to the evening class, but I had no work experience. I wanted to be an accountant. It's hard to get a job without experience, so before searching for a job I decided  to go to Blessed Matrona and ask for help (20 January 2005). As my friends adviced me January 22th I published my CV on the Internet for the position of an accountant. On Monday, January 24, I got a call from a company with an invitation for an interview on Tuesday. When I arrived, I was asked the simplest questions. They said there were a few more people in my position, so the decision will be made tomorrow. The next day I got a call at 10 am and was told that they were ready to offer me that position. I was in a state of shock that day that I managed to find a work for three days. I thanked the Lord and Blessed Matrona for their help.


Dzerzhinskiy city, Moscow region

... Healed from a spinal hernia

I came to Blessed Matrona after the hospital in September 2005 with a diagnosis of a spinal hernia. My hand hurt, and it hurt also between the shoulder blades. I venerated the relics of Mother Matrona three times and asked for healing – and the third time the hand stopped hurting at once. Although when I did some hard work, the fingers of my right hand numbed and pulled at the elbow (pinched nerve was in his right hand). The final healing came very quickly after reading the fifth book about the miracles of elder Sampson. I had gone to see him before I came to Holy Matrona. I have been constructing the temple of the Transfiguration in the Nizhny Novgorod region, S. Yazykovo for two years. We have to mow a large area, and hay rake and scrape, and the garden itself to dig, and paint, and whitewash, and even pull loads on the ropes. Yet, I haven’t  had any signs of pain from a hernia, nevertheless I was labeled by the doctors with the third group of disability and had been given a recommendation to lift no more than three kilograms. I have a tomography (picture), confirming a hernia. I thank the Lord that with the prayers of Blessed elderess Matrona he gave me time to work for Him, the Fatherland and Orthodoxy.

Сonventual, Lubov

Nizhegodorskiy region, Pilnenskiy neighborhood, Yazykovo village

... Helped me to get married and to buy a house, Healed from purulent boils and erosion

For the first time I learned about Mother Matrona from my friend in 2000. She told me an incredible story, as I thought then, of how her Ukrainian friend, a divorced woman, a mother of two children, had come several times to Holy Mother and asked her for peaceful resolution of the housing problem. About a year later, Irina (the name my friend’s friend) got married successfully a man of her age, a compatriot, who had never been married before, had no children, working abroad as a IT-specialist, who had  enough money to buy a house for the newly-made wife and her children. God give them happiness! And believing, and not believing this story, most likely because: "In any case, maybe it'll help? – We went with my friend to the relics of Blessed Holy Mother. We couldn’t venerate the relics that day, but we put a note to the icon and put it behind the icon, each with her own request. I asked to solve the housing problem not for myself, but for my son, he was five or six years old at the time. And guess what? During the next year with my husband got in touch with his cousin brother (they had not known one another for 30 years), he gave some money to purchase housing – we got a Studio apartment in the new block of flats in the center of the Moscow. For my son, when he grows up with God’s will, he will have a great apartment, a great block of flats, a great neighborhood! By the way, my friend also solved the issue of housing, there was also people who had lent her some money and she bought a cooperative housing what was being built. Coincidence, I thought, but with trepidation and gratitude came to my mother, as I understand that all happen as the Lord disposes. However, I believed in the power of her prayers only after the following case: Inside my thigh there the big udder appeared - a garland of bags of pus (plum color), the pain was unbearable. I did not leave the house for three days, could hardly move with tears, was going to the surgeon, but with the thought that I need to go to the car and put on something on my feet, I was just pounding from the inside. To cut the long story short, I reached the point that I did not care how I get to the hospital, just wanted this torment to finish. Going to bed in the evening (I could only lie in one position), I was in despair, asked Holy Mother very intently: "Mother Matrona, help. I have no more streingh», - in the night one of the abscess burst (there were five heads of abscess). About 200 grams of pus flew. The gap on the abscesses had the shape of a cross! After this incident, I believed in the healing from Blessed Mother

But that's not all the miracles in my life through the prayers of the Holy mother! I recovered from cervical erosion without medical help, which was documented. I got a new job. Now I'm trying to give up smoking. Any important thing I start with a prayer to Holy Mother, and if it does not work, as I planned, now I understand that it is better for me (I have repeatedly been convinced of this). It's not all the miracles in my life through the prayers of Holy Matrona of Moscow.

God is glorified in his saints! Praise the Lord for everything.

Servant of God Tatiana, 29 y.o.

... Helped in everyday life, healed from doubts in faith, rescued from imminent operation

Hello, Orthodox brothers and sisters!

I want to tell you about the help of Holy Blessed mother Matrona. Unfortunately, I learned about her miraculous intercession for us only recently: my grandmother gave me a book about her life and miracles. I was not going to go at once to worship the Holy relics of mother Matrona, but began to pray to her regularly.

The first miracle happened when our broken car that had been in the garage for one month without operation that we were going to take to the car service by tow-truck for huge sum of money; with the prayers of the Holy Matronushka we were able to repair it on our own quickly and easily.

Besides, I, being an orthodox, was often tormented by bad thoughts and doubted the truth of what was written in the Bible, in spiritual literature. Also, while reading about the life and wonders of Blessed Matrona, I doubted that this could be in fact, especially the description of the posthumous miracles of the Holy mother. And here once, being especially afflicted with such thoughts, I pour some butter consecrated at the Holy relics Matrona and put it cross-shaped  on my face, chest, and prayed that such thoughts would never come back, and, surprisingly, these thoughts did not cross my mind any more. It vanished without a trace.

In addition, most importantly. While being examined by doctors, a seal, similar to a polyp, was found in the uterus, and I was told to come for a second ultrasound in a month. I was very scared, because if the diagnosis was confirmed, there would be required an operation to remove the polyp in the uterus, which for me, who had never given birth, was extremely undesirable. I went to the Pokrovsky Convent to venerate the Holy relics of Blessed Mother, bought an icon with a piece of her coffin, received a flower and greens for applying to sick places or brewing. Brewed floral stems and a few days prayerfully accepted this Holy gift.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Glory to the blessed Virgin and Holy Blessed Matrona!

Since I have read about the Holy Matronushka, I have become very strong in faith; I trust my life to the intercession of Holy Mother. She helps me even in the small things of everyday life. Today I came to thank her for her uncountable help and to ask her with her prayers to save me from infertility; due to the heavy sins, I was given. I believe that my mother heard me and will definitely help me to conceive and give a birth to a healthy child, whom I want to raise in the Orthodox faith.

Servant of God, Olga

... Helped with work, saved from prison

In that very evening when I venerated the relics of Matrona, my friend called me and offered a job in a good company. Thanks for that, Matrona! In January 2005, my husband had problems at work; seven thousand rubles had to be deducted from his salary. I came to Matronushka and asked for help. The problem was solved and instead of seven thousand rubles there were only two deducted. Thank you, Matronushka. Thank you for helping the servant of God Andrew.

In August 2005, my husband's brother-in-law had very big issues at work. He worked at Special Police Force Squad. At best, he could have been fired from his job, at worst – could have been sent to prison for seven years. At first he tried to solve this problem, but my husband and I realized that we wouldn’t do without help of Holy Blessed mother Matrona. We went to our intercessor for help, venerated the relics of Matronushka, and a few days later called back my husband's brother, and he said that the case was settled, everything was fine. Thank you, Matrona, that you helped servant of God Sergey to escape imprisonment and helped him to solve the issue. Thank you, Matronushka that you always help us in all our problems and hear us. Thank you, thank you, thank you, mother Matronushka.

Now my husband and I have problems. We fell into the hands of the scammers, and we were ripped off for a large amount of money. I hope Matronushka  will  hear our prayers and will help to return the money. The only hope I have is our Matronushka. Help me, Holy Blessed mother Matronushka. I promise that I will tell all my relatives and friends about this miracle, I will tell everyone about your help, and I will thank you, and I promise to give birth to a child from my husband. Sorry, Matrona, for all my sins. Dear Matronushka, please help to solve this problem with money, help to return them.

Thank you very much for helping me and my husband in his work, for help servant of God Sergey to avoid prison. Thank you for everything, Matronushka, for all your help. Now I rely on you, Matrona, only on help. Thank you! Wondrous is God in his saints.

Servants of God Olga and Andrey


Helped with a serious illness, I managed to pick up my granddaughter from a family of alcoholics

I got very sick, and seemed that hurt at once: my heart, spine, and legs –there were no place alive. Nevertheless, six months ago, there had been no notion about the illnesses. I even carried heavy bags of vegetables. The feeling of tiredness was unknown to me, but suddenly I got rather weak. I spent a month in the regional hospital, a month and a half in the cardiology center. I was assigned to second group of disability, wanted to quit work. One day I lying in bed and I thinking that I should receive extreme unction it would be clear, whether I would stay here or would get to the afterlife. Called the priest, father Alexei, he to concelebrated and gave communion (there was a severe pain in the chest, so that the priest even offered to sit, but I refused). I withstanded to the end.

Nastya came on the eve of the Convent from Matrona, brought flowers and a scarf, consecrated on the shrine. She smeared me with oil, put flowers, covered me with the scarf, and I lay down on bed. The pain had been unbearable for three hours, I wanted to remove everything – I had no more patience, as if something was pulled out of the chest. I don't remember when I fell asleep. In the morning the pain was gone. Then some blood poured out from the left nostril, so that I could not stop it, and I called an ambulance, in the hospital I had the tamponade made. After all this, I do not feel such pain, blood pressure has become less. In the morning, in the evening, in the middle of the day I remember and thank Matronushka for her help.

My granddaughter Nastya was four or five years old when we started to go to Matronushka’s grave, then to the Convent to venerate the relics. Anastasia had lived in a family of alcoholics and prayed Matrona to help her to move to my place. When Nastya turned ten years old, I took her to my place by a court ruling. Nastya is very grateful to Matronushka and so nowadays she goes to her annually to work for the glory of God.

Servant of God Anna

Tver city

... Enlightened my unfaithful  grandfather, and he was baptized

My grandfather was not baptized. He did not want to read Orthodox books and even laughed at me and my grandmother that we pray. Once I gave him a book "For those who have not yet been baptized," and he threw it angrily behind the closet. Then In the summer I came to Matrona, I began to ask her to enlighten our grandfather and led him to faith. I stayed in the convent for a month, and before leaving, I had left a note at shrine with a request to the Matronushka. A year later, my grandfather was baptized.

Maiden Anastasiya,

Tver city

... Safely arrived home, in the garden we bury flowers – and all grows well

Hello, Abbess of the Pokrovsky Convent and nuns! A servant of God Vasilisa is writing to you. I would like to share with you the help of mother Matrona for our whole family that through her Holy prayers the Lord does not leave us, sinners.

My sister and I live in Moscow, we went to Holy Mother at the cemetery, and then Mother Matrona was canonized, brought to your temple. From this time we have been coming to the relics of Holy Mother, pray, ask for help, ask her blessing when we leave to visit our parents. Every year we go to our parents for Christmas to meet this bright and joyful holiday together. In one year it so happened that we left by train on the night of December 31 to January 1. Our parents live in Ukraine. We should go to Kiev, and there are four hours after to get to their place by bus. At the Kiev’s bus station, we were told that January 1 it is a New Year eve and there were no buses to come. We were very upset: how to get home then? It was cold, snow and frosty. We began to pray and ask for help from mother Matrona.

Then suddenly the driver of another bus came to us and asked us to go with him, as we were with him on the way. We were afraid at first: how did he know where we were going. We refused. After that, he came up to us two more times. We relied on the will of God and left with him, on the way he took us to another bus that was going to the station, which we used to come always. At the station we were told that there were no tickets and no buses available for our direction, and advised us to go and flag down. Here we went and by the way, we got two big bags. We were standing at the crossroads- there was no one car either one way or another.

It was New Year, everybody rested at home. My sister and I prayed to mother Matrona again: «Mother, help us to get to the parent’s house, send us any car". And when we got to the intersection, we saw a woman standing there alone, without any luggage, she had nothing. There was an hour and a half to get out of here. We were getting a little cold. And suddenly we saw a car-milk truck that collects milk in the villages. The woman told us that she had come before us, and she would go first, and the next car would be ours. We were not against it, it was true. The car stopped near us. A woman got into the car and talked with a driver about something.

She got out of the car, came up to us and said "the Driver said he may give you a lift, and but not to me." We told him that we had two large bags and we wouldn’t fit into this cabin. Somehow we fitted and drove away. While we were going, I asked him: "It’s New Year; everyone is resting, why you are working? Who will need milk in the holidays?" He replied that he did not know why he had to go for milk to the Monastery district, where we were going. It's mother Matronushka who was helping us all the way. When we came to our parents, we told them what miracles had happened to us through the prayers of Holy Mother. We even cried of happiness and joy. And we told everyone about this miracle.

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Matrona Of Moscow

The life of the Blessed Matrona

BLESSED Matrona (Matrona Dimitrievna Nikonova) was born in 1881 in the village of Sebino, Epifan Uyezd (today Kimovsk District), Tula Governorate. The village is around twenty kilometers away from the well-known Kulikovo Field. Her parents – peasants Dimitry and Natalia – were pious and hard-working people living in poverty. There were four children in the family: two brothers – Ivan and Mikhail, and two sisters – Maria and Matrona. Matrona was the youngest. She was born when her parents were no longer young. 

The Moscow period of live of Blessed Matrona

In 1925 Matrona moved to Moscow where she lived for the rest of her life. The huge capital had plenty of miserable and lost people who had fallen away from faith, as well as spiritually sick people with poisoned conscience. Living in Moscow for about thirty years, she performed the ministry, which prevented many people from death, and brought them to salvation.

The repose of Holy Blessed Matrona

They say that the Lord revealed to her the time of her death three days before, and she made all necessary arrangements.

The litany at the grave of Blessed Elderess Matrona

The litany at the grave of Blessed Elderess Matrona

The Invention of the relics of Blessed Elderess Matrona

On the night of March 8, 1998, on the week of the Feast of Orthodoxy, with the blessing of Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus Alexy II, the true relics of the 20th century piety hero Blessed Elderess Matrona were translated at Danilovskoye cemetery in Moscow.

The translation of the relics of Blessed Elderess Matrona

On April 30, with the blessing of Patriarch Alexy II, to solemn chanting of Easter troparion “Christ is risen from the dead...”, the Holy relics of Blessed Matrona were translated to the church of Holy Father of Seven Ecumenical Councils.

The canonization of Holy Religious Blessed Matrona of Moscow

The solemn canonization of Elderess Matrona was performed on  may 2, 1999 by the service of the Holy Patriarch of Moscow Alexy II. 










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