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The Holy Spring

The Holy Spring was recreated in 2005.

The Holy Spring


Holy Spring. July 26, 2010. Recreated in 2005 г. Consecrated by His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia on the patronal feast of the monastery on October 14, 2005.


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Church of the Holy Prince Peter and Princess Fevronia

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Pokrovsky women's monastery

Pokrovsky Stavropigialny women's monastery of the intercession of the Outpost - one of the attractions around the capital city of Moscow.

Church Of The Intercession Of The Virgin

Church Of The Intercession Of The Virgin. May 29, 2007 Built in 1806-1810 g.

Church Of The Resurrection

Church Of The Resurrection Of The Word. May 29, 2007, was Initially built in 1772 In 1853, was rebuilt by the architect M. D. Bykovsky

The Belltower

According to the inventory of 1763, the belltower of the Intercession monastery was stone, with eight bells and a german clock.

The Holy Spring

The Holy Spring was recreated in 2005.

Church of the Holy Prince Peter and Princess Fevronia

According to historical photos the chapel with the prayer house which was located behind a monastery fence down the street Taganskaya (former street Semenovskaya) was completely recreated in 2012 - 2014. 

The Necropolis

The monastery necropolis was one of the largest in Moscow.

The compound of the Intersection convent in the village of Markovo

The history of the Kazan Church of the village Markovo began in the XVII century, when Astrakhan Governor Prince Yakov Nikitich Odoevsky bought Markovo and its neighboring Malakhov.

The compound of the Intercession Сonvent in Troitse-Lykovo in Strogino district of Moscow

Troitse-Lykovo is located in the West of Moscow (Strogino district)

Temple in honor of the Holy blessed Matrona of Moscow

The construction of the temple in honor of the holy righteous Blessed Matrona of Moscow began at the intersection of the Warsaw highway and the Moscow Ring Road from the outside of the road around the 33rd km in 2008.